TakePart Live: a nightly show that's a new way to get your news

TakePart Live mines news and social feeds to find the conversations and stories that matter to Millennials. The topical show will tackle timely issues without taking itself too seriously. With hosts you’d want to hang out with and guests you’d love to share a drink with, five nights a week TPL will dig deep into stories and go beyond the headlines and hashtags to cover what you’re talking about now and what you will be talking about tomorrow — from Presidential speeches to subversive ad campaigns to the viral videos and memes clogging up your Facebook feeds.

Interacting directly with viewers and guests alike, TPL gives the audience the tools to continue the conversation, learn more, get involved and take action on TakePart.com, the definitive online destination for socially relevant news and lifestyle content for people who care about the world around them.