Jersey Strong Season 1: Episodes

Episode 1 "Badass"

Jayda and Brooke, two strong women from different worlds in Newark, NJ, share a common goal - to do some good in the hood. Jayda is a reformed Blood gang member who has set out to right the wrongs she did as a foot soldier in a gang. She and her fiancé Creep, a reformed Crips gang member, are a real life “Romeo & Juliet in the hood,” raising two kids amidst the pressures of rival gangs, economic uncertainty, and ongoing violence of inner city Newark, New Jersey. Brooke is a tough-as-nails trial lawyer whose early run-in with the law as a teen inspired her to champion the cause of the criminally accused - including Jayda who she once defended and successfully kept out of jail. Raised in the suburbs of Central Jersey, Brooke still feels at home in the rough and tumble city of Newark where her law practice is based. Brooke runs her law firm with the help of her partner in love and law, Maggie Voelkel. Maggie is Brooke’s equally fierce and fashionable fiancée who always manages to keep Brooke on her toes. After helping others, Jayda and Brooke meet to discuss their work, their shared past, and their future plans to do "something big" together.

Episode 2 "Heartache"

Jayda helps Ashley, her 21-year-old mentee, with her relationship and recently discovered pregnancy. Brooke works on the Kwadir Felton case, and goes on vacation with Maggie.

Episode 3 "Parenting"

Brooke and Maggie meet up with Jayda and Creep for a date. Back at home, Jayda tries to find another job for her mentee Jazz, an exotic dancer. Brooke and Maggie get upset with Nicole about her boyfriend, Justin.

Episode 4 "Family First"

Brooke, Maggie and Nicole visit Kevin at school and confront Nicole about their issues with her boyfriend, Justin. Creep’s grandmother falls ill and Jayda tries to support him and the family.

Episode 5 "Separate Ways"

Tensions come to a head between Brooke, Maggie and Nicole. Conflict arises between Creep and Jayda.

Episode 6 "Missing Fathers"

Jayda considers leaving Creep, but is worried about AJ and Layla losing their only male role model. Brooke bonds with Kevin as he interns for the law firm.

Episode 7 "Role Models"

Jayda checks her family into a hotel after a shooting near their apartment. Brooke and Maggie encourage Jayda to start her own non-profit organization, while they develop their own new venture, LegalVice.

Episode 8 "Crossroads"

As Maggie and Brooke help Nicole prepare for Prom, Maggie decides it is time for her to focus on herself. Jayda and Creep visit Reverend Ron Christian for relationship counseling.

Episode 9 "Moving Forward"

AJ prepares for his performance at a National High School Step Show Championship while Jayda reconnects with mentee Ashley. Brooke and Maggie throw a benefit for battered women, and contemplate a future without kids as Nicole graduates high school.

Episode 10 "New Beginnings"

Brooke struggles to balance her work and be supportive of Maggie’s new venture. Jayda and the kids move into a new home.