Jeffery Self

”What is Pivot?”


I have wondered the same thing as the enormous bus ads have driven past me and the overwhelming stench of summertime garbage in New York City blows past.

It's easy to get confused by post-modern giant pieces of technology like television networks and online streaming. It's also easy to get confused by stuff Sofia Vergara says, but hey, she won an Emmy! Anything is possible.

Speaking of anything being possible, I am super inspired by Josh Thomas, the adorable comedian whose show Please Like Me is stirring all kinds of online buzz already. I had never seen Josh do his thing and Please Like Me is a painstakingly awkward yet beautiful display of it. As a young gay guy with the social skills of a palm tree, I can relate to Josh's upside-down life.

There is a whole batch of shows here on Pivot. Meghan McCain has her talk show, which I'm super excited about. The documentary series Jersey Strong looks heartbreaking, and Little Mosque just might be the best title for anything since Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place.

Another important thing to mention is that Pivot will be showing Friday Night Lights or, as I like to call it "The Connie Britton and shirtless Taylor Kitsch Show". All kidding aside, Friday Night Lights is one of the most beautifully moving shows I've ever seen and any chance to experience those characters again, or for the first time, will be a magical experience through Dylan, Texas.

So. Are you still wondering what Pivot is? The best way to find out more, is to log onto the site now and just start watching... or call Josh Thomas on his personal cell phone number, which I'd like to have if you want to share it. 

Jeffery Self is an actor, writer, vlogger and lover of a lot of things (especially peanut butter and Oprah Winfrey). He is the author of “Fifty Shades of Gay,” “Straight People: A Spotter’s Guide” and has written for online publications such as The Huffington Post.  Jeffery has also appeared on a wide range of television shows, including “Desperate Housewives,” “90210,” and as Liz Lemon's cousin Randy Lemon on NBC's “30 Rock.”