pivot Ad Policy

Pivot is not your typical TV network. We aim to entertain, but we also want to change the world for the better, so we have a mission we love that harkens back to Participant, our parent company and its vision of a sustainable world of peace and prosperity.

Creating really good TV and doing our part to make the world a great place isn’t cheap, so we accept advertising. That said, we believe the company we keep says as much about who we are as what we do. So we end up asking ourselves a lot of questions about which ads to allow, which advertisers to work with, and how to keep our original content true to our values.

We define our responsibility in advertising based on four principles:

This is our way of saying we’re going to be honest with you — particularly when it comes to ads or sponsored messages that appear as part of our programming. We will let you know if we received payment to include products in programming (something we in the business call “brand integration”). Let’s say Meghan McCain drinks a specific brand of soda on “Raising McCain.” We want you to know if a company paid us for that product placement or if she just likes the taste (full disclosure: we’re not even sure Meghan likes soda). Since we also acquire content from others, if we find out that they received anything in exchange for including products in their programming, we will make sure and let you know.      

Bottom line: There are a lot of messages coming at you every day.  There are more than 400 million tweets (no joke), tons of kitten pics, and an average of 5,000 advertising messages hitting every single person in a single day. It’s easy to miss the source of the information you receive, so we promise not to try to pull the wool over your eyes when we run an ad. Oh, and regarding online advertising: We take that too, but it works a little differently. If you want to learn more, check out our privacy policy.

And here’s a word about content: Pivot runs a lot of different kinds of content—including some original programs we partner with advertisers to create. We want to be crystal clear that Pivot maintains complete editorial control over our advertiser-supported original programming, and we promise to be honest with you about which programs our advertisers helped create.

When it comes to advertising, pretty much everyone is invited to our party (but we do card at the door and turn some away—see “Responsibility” below). We encourage you to form your own opinions about the ads we present, and if you don’t like them, let us know.

Obviously, not every company that advertises on Pivot agrees with what we stand for (nor do we always agree with them), but we want everyone to play fair—which means we have standards when it comes to truthfulness and accuracy. We expect our advertisers to abide by the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines, and we take it a step further by drawing the line at certain ads that conflict with the type of entertainment experience we’re trying to create. So we don’t want ads for:

»               Firearms and other weapons

»               Gambling and lotteries

»               Political campaigns

»               Pornography (or what we think is sexually exploitative products or ad content)

»               Predatory financial services or product offerings

»               Clearly unhealthy or otherwise extreme weight-loss products or services

»               Tobacco and e-cigarettes

»               Other ads we find unacceptably inconsistent with our mission

We communicate our standards to potential advertisers and take time to review all ad buys — particularly those that address the environmental and social issues we care about. If an ad that violates our standards gets by us, or even if you think one has, please let us know.

We believe business can help make positive change on challenges like climate change, human rights, social justice, education, and more. So we make a special effort to partner with sponsors and co-create ads we think tell inspiring stories about what business can do to make a positive difference in the world.

The world is constantly changing, and we’ll be changing with it. If we update this policy, we’ll let you know by posting the revised version on our website, www.pivot.tv.

We want to hear from you: We welcome your feedback about anything—this policy, the ads you see on Pivot, even Meghan’s soda choice. Email us at: eyeswideopen@pivot.tv.