What You Should Know About Pivot

We're Pivot, a new TV network where what you watch does make a difference. We've got all the usual stuff like original shows, movies and docs, but we've also got a little something more. When you watch Pivot, you won't just be entertained. You can also take action on the issues raised in our content. 


Gael Garcia Bernal is an ad executive who built a campaign to stop a Chilean dictator during the country's 1988 referendum.

Investigate Fortitude

Learn more about the science behind "Fortitude" with our series covering topics like infectious diseases & climate change.

Thanks to You!

What YOU watch does make a difference. Check out the impact we were able to make together last year.

'Waiting For Superman'

The acclaimed documentary 'Waiting For Superman' about the serious challenges facing the U.S. education system.

Tour The Block!

Use our interactive map to pop into the spots that line Fairfax Ave as seen on our show Welcome To Fairfax.